(Prices do not include HST)

Please see Studio Policies

GROUP MATWORK – 4 participants per class for personalized attention

(Prices are per person per class, based on 55 minutes)

Pre-registered = $18

Registration will be required for a set number of weeks (Class Series).

Subject to level of experience and availability, a single class can be taken for $20.


(Prices are per person per session, based on 55 minutes)

1 Session = $69

5 Sessions = $65

10 Sessions = $61

INTRODUCTORY PROMOTIONS – for new clients only

(Prices are per person for a total of 3 sessions. Each session is 55 minutes)

3 Private Sessions = $165

(Prices are per person for a total of 4 consecutive group classes. Each class is 55 minutes)

4 Week Intro to Pilates Matwork = $60


*Due to the current pandemic, matwork classes, private sessions and scheduling is affected and, at any moment, needs to adapt to changing government laws.