Ready to go?

New clients to the Studio are required to complete three, 55-minute private sessions. New matwork group clients are required to complete the 4 Week Intro to Pilates Matwork classes. Please see Introductory Promotions for pricing.

Wear comfortable workout attire that is form fitting so that your instructor can more easily see your body in action. Shoes are prohibited. Anti-slip socks are mandatory in every class for safety and cleanliness. Clients can bring their own anti-slip socks or purchase a pair in studio.

An empty stomach can be distracting. It is important to ensure that your body is adequately fueled for your workout. We recommend a light snack an hour to thirty minutes before hand.

Water is essential to a healthy body and we recommend drinking water, herbal teas or fresh juice before and after your session. During your appointment, you are encouraged to bring a bottle of water to maintain hydration. Water only, please, while in studio.

New clients to the Studio are required to complete the Health Questionnaire, along with the Release and Waiver. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early for your first appointment to complete necessary paper work without interrupting your 55-minute workout.

During your initial sessions you will be introduced to the foundations of Pilates along with the equipment and props we appropriately use. You will be led through a complete workout while the Instructor reviews your physical health, postural alignment and mind-body awareness. At the end of the introductory session, clients will receive direction about the types of classes and services best suited for them. All sessions are by appointment only.

We know that poor weather conditions, traffic issues and daily life situations can make us all late, but as a courtesy to yourself, our instructors and other clients, be sure to arrive at least five minutes before all sessions by giving yourself adequate time to get here. If you do arrive late for a class, quietly enter and start in on the next rep. Clients may be asked to sit class out if they arrive too late or are making a habit of disrupting other clients. For those private clients that arrive late, additional time will not be given as to avoid schedule disruption for the next client.